A Cinemagraph

My attempt at a cinemagraph. It mixes cinematography and a photograph, in a new media to conjoin the separate. (Created in Adobe Photoshop)

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Typography Face

This was one of the most complicated photo edits I have ever done, but one of my photos I am most proud of.

The words are all related to my subject, film. I made the texture first out of words relating to film and then added it to my photo. There was a lot of steps in-between, but that is the main principle.


Creating in Photoshop

Up to this point, I have only used photoshop as a tool for editing photos, not creating images from scratch.

As you can see from the layers panel, this image consists of shapes, gradients and a few layers to add detail.

This started with a desire to look into graphic design, so I began with styles that I enjoyed to look at. Retro 80’s style.

After shamelessly promoting my website I moved onto imitating movie and TV show intros.

I love Alfred Hitchcock films, so began with a simple one, Psycho (1960). A lot of these are based around text, this is for two reasons.

  1. I am consistently writing the same text so I can not the changes in techniques (Limiting altering variables)
  2. They are perfect for promoting my brand.

Next, I am moving on to:



This was a photo I took on my phone and edited in an evening. I saw a photo magician Dynamo had put on his twitter:

Reference photo

And decided to attempt to imitate it without any knowledge of how he had done it. Doing this, I figured out how he must have done it, much faster than mine, but not as good looking in my opinion.

If you look closely, you can see the same imperfections in the wall behind his face. This meant that the editor has erased his face and taken a marquee of his head and neck, and layer+Copyed this, reducing the size each time. I did a similar thing but just using the top of the cut out of my head and clone stamped the rest of the wall to fill in. This would not have worked for either photo if the background had been more complex unless the camera was on a tripod and there was a blend of two photos. One with the subject and one without.
Reviewing what I have just written, Dynamo could have done this, but since the imperfections repeat he has not.

(I also did a black & white version to mimic him, I just prefer the colour version.


These were all the assets I had going into photoshop, the rest was all done on there.

As long as you know what you want to get done, all you need is a camera and some imagination.


After editing this photo, my father helpfully told me how hard they tried to make their footage not look like this. Not really what I wanted to hear after spending hours to make this edit!

A lot of this was achieved using the marquee tool and warp distort filter. There was a bit of colour altering and changing the colour layers.


A New project


Supreme is a VERY recognisable brand. The clothing company rely on recognisability to sell their AMAZINGLY overpriced clothes, and it works. The company is now estimated to be worth just over $1bn USD. The main idea of Supreme brand anything: tops, hoodies, shoes even supreme brand $30-$40 bricks, is to simply slap the logo on it.

Supreme Logo

A white hoodie costs around £10. A supreme white hoodie can be as cheap as £494.

White hoodie
White Hoodie
White 'supreme' hoodie
White ‘Supreme’ Hoodie

(I also like how the shipping is free)

But I am interested in photography, and more specifically, editing. I have merely chosen supreme as a style to imitate because it’s simple, recognisable and, to be honest, I want one of their shirts.

Trippy Marilyn - Supreme

This edit I love. Supreme does have a line of clothing in which they place their VERY recognisable logo with celebrities (I am not sure if this image is one of them), but this concept is amazing to me. This one image I could analyse until my heart’s content, drawing out meaning after meaning, but I won’t because that would be boring.

What I am going to do in this project is to create a counter to the brand empire/domain of supreme, parodying their brand image, not to jest or to make fun but to almost make a contention against the brand domination of Supreme. Begining with Alone.

Alone Logo

(I also love that glitch effect)

Glitch effects

So, I'm still hung up on Glitch effects.

Is the link to a Tutvid video. This man knows everything about anything to do with Photoshop, Premiere, After-effects you name it, basically, I want his knowledge in my brain. In this video, he designs 5 glitch effect to follow along with, or use his ‘photoshop actions’ (these you apply to an image and it follows the steps the creator sets). I used this video to help me with my previous glitch effect post and have done two more, one following the video and one applying an action.

Looking awks - Glitch
Reading Fest - Coloured glitch (ACTION)
Applying an Action

I feel I enjoyed the freedom of creating my own image, even following a step-by-step guide, as I had ultimate control. I also enjoyed working through the process, getting everything correct and having a product I felt proud of and knew how to make, applying an action felt like cheating and obviously I didn’t learn how to make the effect. In the future, I may use these actions after already knowing how to create the effect, or being too lazy to make an effect for someone else and simply apply the effect. I may even use this new found knowledge of the actions in photoshop to make some of my own. (Save me some time in the future!)

Bert and George

This is the first photo I took with the Nikon D300S. I also edited it with the new unknown Lightroom CC, opposed fro the old Lightroom CC Original. Comfort zones were made to be breached. This would have looked crap if I’d taken it with my phone and edited it in the old Lightroom.


I’ve always been fascinated with glitches, VHS footage and corrupted files, photo’s or videos. This effect is fairly simplistic but the corruption is intriguing to me.

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