I created one of these a few days ago but I wasn’t happy with it. This double exposure uses photos which are not mine, but the effect is stunning. (At least I think) It is not perfect, the yellow tinge in the trees does not resonate through the image, but it is getting there. As long as you learn something, it was worth doing.


This photo looks awesome I think! Haha, but I would say that. I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion on it. Be creative every day. Learn every day.

‘They toil not, neither do they spin.’

— John Keats, Ode on Indolence

When one views the world through rose-tinted glasses, it is imperative for one to release oneself every now and then, and see the world as it was made.

I took this photo on a cold winter morning when it was raining. I wanted to capture a long exposure, so the light is a little blown out, but the rain is in good focus. Waking up to rain is only improved when you get a photo out of it!

(Edited in Adobe Lightroom)

A Cinemagraph

My attempt at a cinemagraph. It mixes cinematography and a photograph, in a new media to conjoin the separate. (Created in Adobe Photoshop)

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